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      Thank you for your interest in learning more about! We know your time is valuable, and appreciate the time you are investing on our site!

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      About Our Site

      If You're An Internet User Searching For Local Alabang Businesses, Products Or Services... was created an effort to single-handedly improve the quality of the internet/search engine experience in the Philippines, and most especially in Alabang and the surrounding area, helping people find local Alabang businesses, products or services easily.


      • For example, prior to this website coming online, the top 100 results for a search on Google for the phrase "Accountant In Alabang" were all for jobs as an accountant.  Today, the top several spots for that phrase are occupied by our "Accountants in Alabang" page and other web properties we own and control.  
      • In addition, most people looking for a good plumber in Alabang, for example, don't bother looking on the internet because they know they can't find a plumber (or any other service) they are looking for there, because there aren't any businesses willing or able to spend the money to be listed on the search engines!  Instead, residents in Alabang (and pretty much everywhere else in the Philippines) have to go ask friends or neighbors, or if all else fails, go try to find a sign for one on a telephone pole somewhere in the village! exists to fix both of these problems. Our site and the team behind it are committed to creating a better search experience on the internet for anyone searching for a local Alabang business... the same experience that internet users in other parts of the world already have!

      If You're A Local Alabang Business Or Professional... is the premier website in Alabang for businesses who recognize the marketing advantage that comes from being at the top of the search engines for their targeted keywords and keyword phrases, but don't have hundreds of thousands of pesos every month to pay for an expensive online marketing campaign or an expensive website.  The site's basic design coupled with our ability to dominate the search engines for our targeted keywords and keyword phrases allow local Alabang businesses to compete with other businesses that may have much larger marketing budgets to work with.

      All pages on are leased by local Alabang businesses for less than P10,000 per month (sometimes MUCH less), and often times adds can be placed on certain pages for as little as P1,000 per month!

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      About Our Team is the brain-child of Rick Upshaw, an American Entrepreneur and expat who is married to a Filipina here in the Philippines.  Mr. Upshaw has lived in the Philippines off and on for several years now, and continues to maintain a residence here.


      Rick Upshaw is President & CEO of American Enterprises, an entrepreneurial company focused solely on assisting the development and growth of small business and entrepreneurialism in America, and indeed, around the world!  One of the divisions of American Enterprises is American Marketing Solutions, a company devoted to helping small businesses market themselves affordably.  With more than 20 years of experience in helping businesses market themselves online and offline, Rick Upshaw has developed a considerable amount of skills and expertise in making things happen for his clients!


      Until recently, Mr. Upshaw's services (and those of his company) have been reserved for client companies in countries outside of the Philippines (primarily in America) since most businesses in the Philippines can't afford several thousand dollars per month for the services of a marketing pro of Mr. Upshaw's caliber.  However, after years of being married to his Filipina bride Myla, Rick Upshaw has developed a passion for the Philippines and its people.  He was in the Philippines when Typhoon Ondoy devastated Manila, and built a website at no charge dedicated to raising awareness of the plight of the victims of Typhoon Ondoy.  Rick Upshaw truly understands life in the Philippines - the good and the bad - including the plight of businesses in the Philippines who can't afford traditional online marketing services such as those provided by his company.  


      So, it is out Mr. Upshaw's passion for the Philippines combined with his love of small business that he created  The sites are all maintained personally by his company (American Marketing Solutions) and a small staff here in the Phlippines.  


      Now, thank to Rick Upshaw's efforts, small businesses in Alabang can avail of world-class marketing services for a fraction of the cost!


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      More About Alabang

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      Alabang is a secluded, exclusive upscale village in Muntinlupa City, a suburb of Metro Manila in the Philippines.  It's a great place to live and work, with great access to most anything local Alabang residents need to live a great life.  


      The only "challenge" about living in Alabang is that many times it's hard to find local businesses and professionals who provide quality services for every day life.  Everyone knows that when you're living in the Philippines, it's not what you know, but who you know that can make life easy here.  The same has been true about Alabang.  If you don't know a good carpenter or plumber, or know where to find a good day spa or chiropractor, the learning curve is often too large to bear, especially if you're new to the area.  That's why we created this website!


      Now, from accountants to doctors to lawyers to tradesmen, and for everything in between, more and more Alabang residents and visitors are finding the local Alabang businesses they are looking for right here at!

      To learn more about about Ayala, check out the Wikipedia article on Alabang here:

      Alabang Wiki


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